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Why MasterTax for companies

Minimize payroll tax penalty risk

Solutions for companies with multiple payroll jurisdictions

Simplify the complexities of ever-changing payroll tax regulations

MasterTax keeps up with compliance rules so you don’t have to. Minimize the burden on your business with automated filing and scheduled tax payments in more than 11,000 jurisdictions.

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A scalable solution

Whether you have 30 or 300,000 employees, companies with multiple jurisdictions have complex payroll tax needs. MasterTax technology helps minimize compliance complexity and risk, particularly for big companies in multiple locations.

How multijurisdictional companies can minimize tax compliance risk

Discover how MasterTax technology solves payroll tax payment and workflow challenges with scalable processes and built-in compliance rules to help reduce risk for businesses like yours

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For all types of companies

Handling complex payroll tax in multiple locations is our specialty

Companies that choose MasterTax are seeking a solution that meets their multi-jurisdictional payroll tax needs while minimizing compliance risk. We serve a wide range of companies, small and large, including:

  • Retail establishments
  • Research institutions
  • Academic institutions

Because MasterTax focuses exclusively on payroll tax, we shine among competitors in this sector. While our software is industry-agnostic, it can be configured for the individual needs of your business.

Implementation and support
map showing MasterTax covering 11,000 jurisdictions within United States

We do business everywhere you do

Built-in compliance for more than 11,000 jurisdictions

MasterTax provides employer payroll tax technology that stays up to date with compliance rules and filing requirements in thousands of U.S. jurisdictions - so you don’t have to.

Implementation and support

Efficient setup and easy integration with most payroll systems

We understand the potential for disruption when implementing a new payroll tax filing technology. With MasterTax, you can count on smooth integration with your existing payroll system so you can get up and running quickly. You’ll also benefit from the support of a dedicated implementation specialist, walking you through setup and helping you ramp up with our product. MasterTax customizes our technology to the needs of your business to make our product work best for you.

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Put an end to payroll tax problems

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