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Implementation, APIs & integration

Streamlined integration. 
Stellar support.

MasterTax technology easily integrates with most payroll systems. Get up and running quickly to minimize your compliance risk.

Seamless implementation suited to your business needs

Implementing a new payroll tax management system doesn’t need to be disruptive. With MasterTax technology, you get a dedicated implementation specialist.

Getting to know the unique needs of your business

To get started, we’ll get to know you, your business and its unique payroll tax needs.

  • Main payroll tax challenges
  • Existing integrations
  • Unique considerations for implementation

With these questions answered, we can begin.

seamless, secure integrations between MasterTax and apps through the Cloud

Support you can count on

From implementation to go-live, and beyond

Clients often tell us we have outstanding customer support. That’s because we strive to minimize your stress by streamlining integration with your existing payroll systems and getting you launched with MasterTax as quickly as possible.

You’re never alone in the process thanks to our dedicated implementation specialists who are committed to understanding your business and configuring our product to your distinct needs.

Support you can count on

Convenient and Powerful APIs

MasterTax’s APIs help you accomplish more with greater accuracy and less effort. To create seamless software communication, MasterTax offers three flexible APIs.

  • File import - automates daily import file processing, increases client control when tracking imported files, and greatly reduces time and effort.
  • File retrieval -  allows you to export MasterTax process output files directly to your external (ERP) system. This includes tax returns, tax coupons, deposit payments and more.
  • Data extract API - enables automatic export of data extract reports to your external system. Extracts can also be exported in .csv and .txt formats for custom reporting, to validate data ERP and MasterTax data, and more.
Convenient and powerful APIs

Put an end to payroll tax problems

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