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Payroll tax filing software

Business expansion? Compliance confidence built in.

With MasterTax cloud-based payroll tax software, you can get help scheduling, paying and filing payroll taxes on time, every time, from a single dashboard.

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Get payroll tax peace of mind

MasterTax provides payroll tax filing software that simplifies and automates complex compliance processes.

Easily import payroll information from your system
Simplify payment processing and workflow
Automate payment vouchers for faster, easier filing
Proactively monitor key dates and send reminders
Get greater visibility with customizable reports
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Import your payroll data from any platform

With the MasterTax cloud-based software, you can easily import your payroll data and generate an auditable process report alerting you of any issues and keeping items in queue until you’re ready to resolve them. The system also recognizes any adjustments and will automatically update tax liabilities so you don't have to log into multiple agency sites.

Simplify your compliance complexities today

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We do business everywhere you do

Built-in compliance for more than 11,000 jurisdictions

MasterTax provides employer payroll tax technology that stays up to date with compliance rules and filing requirements in thousands of U.S. jurisdictions - so you don’t have to.

Features designed for the way your business works

One payroll tax filing technology. Three variations to meet your unique business needs.

Ideal for employers with locations and/or employees in multiple jurisdictions

Trying to keep up with complex compliance rules strains in-house staff and processes. Penalties and interest for late or incorrect payroll taxes are painful realities. With MasterTax, you can minimize the stress of payroll tax processing and mitigate compliance risk.

  • Scalable processes. Integrate data with your payroll system. Automate your payroll tax processes across all tax jurisdictions.
  • Improved compliance ability.Manage complex relationships and seamlessly adapt to frequent rule changes in more than 11,000 jurisdictions.
  • Reduced risk. Automate essential tasks and timing based on each jurisdiction’s rules. Help avoid penalties and interest.
MasterTax for Companies
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Shave your payroll tax processing time

Organizations that use MasterTax payroll tax filing technology can potentially reduce most of their in-house payroll tax processing burden while helping mitigate compliance risk.

Supplement MasterTax

Put MasterTax to work for you with additional features

Optional features boost efficiency and accuracy when it comes to payroll tax filing and payments.

  • Tax Locator Tool - automates the process of identifying local tax codes and rates, boosting accuracy and delivering immediate efficiency and cost savings.
  • Wage Attachment Tool - automatically calculates any additional wage obligations or garnishment outside of federal, state and local requirements.
  • New Hire Reporting - allows export of new hire information from your payroll system and convenient reporting in all 50 states through fax, e-file, or secure FTP - directly from the MasterTax software - eliminating the need for manual filing or third-party applications.
  • Cash Care - allows MasterTax software to create the NACHA-formatted ACH file, which can then be sent to the MasterTax user’s bank and/or money movement processor to impound the funds directly into the designated tax disbursement account.
  • Bank Reconciliation - enables you to reconcile bank account transactions to MasterTax payments and cash collections.
  • APIs - like file import, file retrieval, and data export work with your existing payroll system to seamlessly transfer information.
Supplement MasterTax

Implementation, APIs & integration

Efficient setup and easy integration with most payroll systems

We understand the potential for disruption when implementing a new payroll tax filing technology. With MasterTax you can count on smooth integration and the support of a dedicated implementation specialist, walking you through setup and helping you ramp up with our product.

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Implementation, APIs & integration

Put an end to payroll tax problems

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