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Payroll tax technology

Payroll tax compliance? Automate it!

Filing payroll taxes in multiple jurisdictions is challenging and complex. Let MasterTax software automate cumbersome manual processes to minimize compliance risk and help you avoid penalties and interest.

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Minimizing compliance risk for employers
with multiple payroll jurisdictions

We know how hard it is to manage payroll tax compliance complexity. That’s why we created MasterTax payroll tax software to help you avoid penalties and interest with timely, accurate tax filing, payments and reporting.



Automated and intelligent scheduling based on agency mandates and thresholds

Payment Support

Payment Support

Automated support for payment methods like check or ACH debit



Early detection of variances between deposits and liabilities

Filing Support

Filing  Support

Easy filing support options based on agency requirements, such as paper or e‑file/transmission

MasterTax Features
map showing MasterTax covering 11,000 jurisdictions within United States

We do business everywhere you do

Built-in compliance for more than 11,000 jurisdictions

MasterTax provides payroll tax technology that stays current with compliance rules and filing requirements in thousands of U.S. jurisdictions - so you don’t have to.

Payroll tax technology that puts you ahead

MasterTax technology easily integrates with most payroll systems to reduce workload, minimize compliance risk, and give you greater visibility into payroll processes and workflow.

Help avoid payroll tax filing errors, penalties and interest

MasterTax payroll tax technology is updated with the latest tax rules and requirements. We stay current with payroll tax codes and changing legislation so you can file and pay taxes accurately and on time.

  • EFT and e-filing instructions eliminate guesswork and alleviate the need for logging into individual agency sites.
  • Tax rates and rules are stored all in one place. Filing rule changes are tracked to help minimize errors and oversights.
  • Additional modules like Tax Locator identify local codes and rates, boosting accuracy, efficiency and potential cost savings.
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Shave your payroll tax processing time

Organizations that use MasterTax payroll tax filing technology can potentially reduce most of their in-house payroll tax processing burden while helping mitigate compliance risk.

Over 25 years of leadership in payroll tax processing

MasterTax, LLC, provides a fully integrated, customizable solution for clients looking to quickly, easily and accurately process multijurisdictional payroll taxes. Our technology helps clients eliminate penalties and interest, maximize efficiencies, and regain control of payroll tax filing.  We support small employers, large corporations, professional employer organizations, and payroll service providers of all sizes.

About MasterTax, LLC
Over 25 years of leadership in payroll tax processing

Put an end to payroll tax problems

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