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Product Details

Payroll Service Providers

You want to provide your clients with tax calculation precision, compliance precision and filing timeliness, but the complexities of ever–changing rules, manual processes and thousands of jurisdictions create an almost impenetrable barrier. Let MasterTax help you break through that barrier!

Professional Employer Organizations

PEOs can struggle with the complexity of processing multiple jurisdictions, which include the client reporting relationship. Sometimes it can be difficult to expand your business, while continuing to provide a high level of customer service when you struggle with manual processes and lack of compliance expertise to be able to get it all done. With MasterTax as your tax processing software, you remove the compliance and complex tax processing burden from your business and are able to focus on more important things, like growth and customer service.

End User

Employers struggle with the complexities of ever-changing regulations across thousands of jurisdictions. This places a burden on your business and can impede growth. MasterTax can help remove the burden  as the complete software solution for companies that have complex payroll tax situations and/or employees in diverse locations.