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MasterTax Payroll Tax Software

MasterTax works with your payroll system to help you schedule, pay, balance, and file your payroll taxes within minutes of running payroll.

  • Schedule: Houses a rules-driven database with frequencies and thresholds across multiple jurisdictions and displays key deadlines in a clean, month-to-month actionable calendar.
  • Pay: NACHA formatted files for EFT credit payments and debit requests contain the script and numbers necessary for paying online or by telephone.
  • Balance: On-demand balancing finds variances and automatically adjust deposits.
  • File: Agency approved returns and coupons for over 10,000 taxing jurisdictions are at your fingertips.


MasterTax Payroll Tax Software helps take the guess-work out of payroll taxes and put control back into your hands.

  • Schedule: MasterTax will help schedule your payments on time, based on current rules for over 10,000 taxing jurisdictions.
  • Pay: MasterTax will manage your payments at no additional cost and without the need for third parties, regardless of the method you choose.
  • Balance: MasterTax works with your payroll system to generate balanced totals for any date.
  • File: MasterTax can create e-signed paper, magnetic media disks, and e-file returns ready for submission to the appropriate tax authorities, directly from your PC.

MasterTax helps companies eliminate penalties and interest, reallocate manpower, save time and money, and regain control of payroll tax filing.

  • Schedule: MasterTax helps you eliminate the costs associated with late filing, non-compliance and lost interest.
  • Pay: Seamlessly manage payments to multiple jurisdictions using any combination of payment methods.
  • Balance: Quickly identify and balance variances between deposits and liabilities on-demand.
  • File: MasterTax includes all required filing forms, detail in required media across more than 10,000 tax jurisdictions to help eliminate manual tracking.

Nothing came close to MasterTax. We reviewed all the other payroll tax filing options and there was no comparison.”

- Lynn Proulx, Payroll Supervisor