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Slaying the Payroll Tax Dragon [Infographic]

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Take Three Steps Now to Help Avoid Tax Penalties Later

Payroll tax fraud. These three words likely strike fear into many organizations – and with good reason. The IRS is watching closely and is especially vigilant about collecting payroll taxes and penalizing employers for failure to pay or for late […]

Making Molehills Out of Mountains: Payroll Tax Overview for Colorado

Payroll Tax Overview for Colorado Businesses The ins and outs of payroll tax law vary widely by state, so filing and paying payroll taxes in a timely manner can be a challenge. The following payroll tax overview should help give […]

Illinois Payroll Tax Overview

When Illinois became a state in 1818, it had a population of 34,620 people. Now nearly 12.9 million people live and work there, making Illinois the fifth most populous state in the country.[1] The ins and outs of payroll tax […]

Key Changes to Maine’s Income Withholding and Unemployment Tax Filing Rules

At the beginning of 2015, companies operating in Maine were alerted of changes impacting the way they will need to file their income tax withholding and unemployment contribution as enforced by the Maine Revenue Services (MRS) and the Maine Department […]